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The Arabian African Asian Global Women Summit (AAAWomenSummit) is a cross continental platform - crafted by African Union ECOSOCC and presented by Upfront $ Personal Global Management Consultants (UPGMC) which is targeted at bringing together leading women's specific perspectives in supporting and influencing thriving economies particularly in the areas of policy development, programming, innovation and financial planning/management across Arab, Africa and Aisa. The platform will avail these Leading Women a platform to network, share knowledge, innovation and good practices in nation building thus adding their voices/expertise in sustainable development of the fundamental pillars of community and economic development namely: health care; education; art and culture; digitalization; entrepreneurship and employment etc.


1. EDUCATION / TRAINING: AAA Global Women Summit exposes the need for leading women to build schools close to remote communities, ensuring that schools have quality teachers both female and male and adequate sanitary facilities, and that they are safe places for girls. Well-designed vocational training leading to better paid work, and does not concentrate women in low wage and low-skill work or reinforce occupational segregation between women and men. i.e. “Internally Displaced People within Africa”.

2. HEALTH: In the area of health, AAA Global Women Summit will examine adequate guide towards improving and ensuring access to healthcare delivery especially in local communities.

3. GENDER BASED VIOLENCE: Violence against women is one of the crucial social mechanisms by which women are forced into a subordinate position compared with men. AAA Global Women Summit is addressing this issues as it relates to Arabian, African and Asian nations.

4. ENTERTAINMENT / MEDIA: AAA Global Women Summit is using this medium to reach out to millions of women out there and letting them know that there is life and fullfillment in the entertainment industry and how the emergence of digitalization can be of great advance to making a career out of the industry.

5. CULTURE & ART: AAIn all countries, expectations about attributes and behaviours appropriate to women or men are shaped by culture, tradition and history. Leading Women can strengthen women's ability to formulate and advocate their own visions for their societies - including interpretations and changes to cultural and gender norms.

6. FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE / ECONOMY: Women perform 66% of the world's work, and produce 50% of the food, yet earn only 10% of the income and own 1% of the property. Whether the issue is improving education in the developing world, or fighting global climate change, or addressing nearly any other challenge we face, empowering women is a critical part of the equation


Arab, Africa and Asia

  1. Female Head of States
  2. First Ladies
  3. Female Government Functionaries
  4. International Business Women
  5. Female Students'
  6. Distinguished Individuals



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Summit Venue
Festival Arena, Dubai, UAE
Summit Date
14th November, 2018
Summit Sessions

Timing: 9am - 6pm

- Registration
- Morning session
- Tea Break
- Afternoon Session
- Dinner / Musical Orchestra

Summit Expected Attendees

Four Thousand (4,000)