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When people are asked what they think about Africa, their answers usually revolve around "war," "famine," "animals," "jungles" and "poverty." While these words are indubitably a part of Africa, they only represent a tiny thread of a vast and ancient tapestry resplendent with more than 6,000 years of Africa’s history, culture and heritage. One Africa Global is mandated to promote the understanding of Africa's uniqueness to the world through; Music, Sensitization, Global Events on Africa, Visual Arts and Partnerships. By doing so, we not only hope to empower people to have pride in themselves, we also hope to allow them to appreciate how Africa's legacy directly relates to their lives while building a cultural awareness that deepens their connection to the global community. Our activities have continuously changed lives, caused self-discovery of young people and have also earned us a continental partnership with African Union, ECOSOCC; the apex organization in Africa whose aim is to achieve greater unity and solidarity between the African countries and Africans and defend the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of its Member States and also accelerate the political and social-economic integration of the continent.

“One Africa Global signify an organization whose aim of establishment aligns with the vision of the union in promoting the AU Agenda 2063’s aspirations that reflects our desire for shared prosperity and well-being, for unity and integration, for a continent of free citizens and expanded horizons, where the full potential of women and youth, boys and girls are realized, and with freedom from fear, disease and want” 

Dr. Asaolu John Tunji
Social Affairs and Health Cluster Chairperson
The Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) | African Union

Our Mission

One Africa Global mission is to afford the general public with African cultural and artistic experiences, promote the sense of Pan Africanism, make known the prospects in Africa and positioning Africa as the perfect destination for investment and by so doing, making Africa great again.

This is accomplished through our goals:
  1. Encouraging people to increase their knowledge of African culture, using African arts that relate to the values and principles of African society and life.
  2. Encouraging the respect that is incorporated in African culture.
  3. Educating people of African descent about their culture and history so that they may gain a positive self-image, self-awareness and self-direction.
  4. Create avenue where global communities can access the opportunities that Africa houses.
  5. Showcasing the beauty of African culture by performing African dance, music and story globally.
  6. Provide investment and trade exchange platform that ushers in robust development in Africa for smart economy.

Our Strategy

  1. Fostering integration using African culture and art that facilitates world acceptance.
  2. Structuring a new frame work for economic growth and development by Africans for Africa. .
  3. Promoting better international bilateral and interracial understanding using Africa’s culture.
  4. Ensuring the revival of Africa’s culture, values, business and civilization.


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