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Victoria Kimani responds to singer claiming they are a couple

Victoria Kimani responds to singer claiming they are a couple Image

After Victoria Kimani revealed that she has been celibate for a year, it seems her confession did not land on deaf ears as hopeful members of the opposite sex line up to get her attention.

The Kenyan born artist has called out Naija artist LAX for claiming the two are in a romantic relationship during a recent interview with a Nigerian entertainment site.

It did not sit well with the pretty Chocolate City signed entertainer.

‘’The love of my life, my WCE is Victoria Kimani, that is the love of my life, and that is all I want to revealfor now,’’ LAX responded when asked about his love life unable to hide his attraction and affection for Victoria Kimani.

Upon reaching her, the Should Be hit maker hit back with three words.

‘’Lies and corruption,’’ she posted after a poll on the Nigerian Pulse website asked if the two would make a perfect duo.

Seems like Victoria was not joking when she said she was not ready to get into a relationship just yet, more so with an artist.

‘’Honestly, I feel like a virgin right now. My love life has actually been non-existent. I’ve not been in a relationship for like six months now and I haven’t tried to bother like to try find someone else,’’ she was quoted saying a week ago.

“It is a bad idea to date celebrities I have tried it one time in my life, it’s hard because you have to start thinking about who is watching or who is paying attention. Honestly, I thought it was a good idea at first because we have so much in common like if I’m in the studio late they will understand that you are in the studio late,” she said.