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Music is a Family Business

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One Africa Music Fest

On Saturday August 11th the Afrobeats world captivated Brooklyn NYC 

The crowd was not disappointed. Each artist came out ready to give the fans what they asked for ... a night of lively performed hit after hit. Excited fans came dressed to impress, anxious to see their beloved entertainers. I do mean beloved. Afrobeats is a nitch segment of music that was once isolated to a sub-section of world music. Fans had to hunt and discover new tracks, then faithfully follow and sometimes travel to support. We did it for the culture. We did it for the love of music.
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For the Love of AfroBeats! 
Before we all fell in love with Afrobeats, we were in love with its predecessor AfroBeat (no 's') and before that Hi-Life music. Fela was King of Hi-Life and revolution was in the hearts of minds of the newly politically independent and sovereign Nigeria. A culture of storytellers, the music carried proverbs and traditions into the new age. The AfroBeat rhythms told stories from our past and contextualized them in what people were feeling in the present. Then Hip-Hop exploded, and Africans had migrated and built families outside of Africa, and the music told that story.
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AfroBeats Culture becomes POP Culture! 
Fans of this music genre are loyally in love with the music. Some have invested their money and others their time and talent in seeing the genre grow and become a world wide recognized, self-standing genre and a respected name in the music industry. With increasing awards and accolades given to artists of the genre, it is clear that AfroBeats is a wave much like the reggae and latino music wave of the 90's and early 2000's. Cross culture collaborations are at a high and chain coffee shops play Afrobeats loudly while you wait in line for your popular flavored frappichino. Afrobeats is becoming POP Culture.
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Celebrating a 3 year anniversary! 
Spearheading this movement are visionary moguls such as Paulo CEO of One Africa Global. This year marked the 3rd year anniversary of One Africa Music Fest. A platform he created that travels 3 continents promoting African Artists at all levels of their craft. 
Friday August 10th to Sunday August 12th New York City was electrified by One Africa Music Fest.
  • First the One Africa team welcomed the NY team with a private party at Amarachi.
  • Closer to the event date One Africa held a public welcome party for fans who traveled from outside of NY. 
  • Then fans were treated to an intimate boat ride with some of their favorite artists, namely Dj Tunez and Wiz Kid.
  • The next day the StarBoy team organized a pop-up shop for fans to who wanted exclusiveStarBoy memorabilia not available anywhere else. Naomi Campall congratulated the artist on a job well done, creating a fashion brand that his fans were eager to support.
  • That evening fans traveled to Coney Island's Ford Amphitheater to hear tracks new and old.
  • Still excited and ever faithful, fans traveled to flatbush for the Official After Party. It was past midnight by time guest made it to the venue and they happily and patiently waited to gain entry.
No other Music Festival provides fans this much access to VIPs and celebrities. The fans thanked One Africa by continuing to show up and show out. There was never a dull moment or an empty venue. Every event leading up to the Main Event and after was SOLD OUT. Now who said Afrobeats isn't a profitable venture? Paulo with this brand has proven that the African Fanbase is loyal, international and diverse. The One Africa Music Fest brand, under Paulo's leadership has proven there is a market and a strong following of devoted customers that will pay over and over again (even in one weekend) to see their favorite celebrities.
Next stop Dubai... and the One Africa Music Fest Brand will prove the point again. Are you ready?