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Hamisa Mobetto chases away journalists from her boutique

Hamisa Mobetto chases away journalists from her boutique Image

She may come off as a soft spoken and gentle person but it seems Hamisa Mobetto can stand for herself.

After being ambushed by journalists at her Mobetto Styles boutique, Hamisa angrily kicked them out of the store, claiming they were invading her privacy and those of her clients.

Speaking to Dizzim Online off camera, Diamond’s baby mama told the journalists that she was not interview-ready because she had no wig and makeup on.

“No No No! Aah-Aah sitaki! I am serious. Turn off the camera, I am not doing it. Nina wateja wangu hawapendi camera so wakiona hivo wanogopa. Leave! I’ve heard that this is not the first time you have come, wateja wangu wanalalamika,” she protested after kicking them out and closing the door to her store.

Following the release of her first single, Madam Hero through her social media four days ago, the Dizzim Online journalists were out to interview the mother of two about the track before being met with a rude reception.

Feeling the need to address the drama in her life, Mobetto released Madam Hero, a reflection of her personal life as a single mother going through challenges in life